Administration in Tumkur


Tumkur district is the fourth largest district in India with a population of 26,81,449 (according to 2011 Census). This district has 10 taluks, 4346 villages and 350 panchayats. The taluk Koratgere is the smallest, where as, Tumakuru taluk, also known as Tumkur, is the largest city in the district with a population on 5,16,661

The general administration of Tumkur consists of 5 sub-divisions, 10 talukas, 20 sub-talukas, 1406 Patwar Circles, 11 Nagar Palikas, 321 Gram Panchayats, 2708 Revenue Villages and 11 Assembly Units.

Zilla Panchayat of Tumkur

The Tumkur Zilla Panchayat came into existence in 1993 as a part of Karnataka Panchayat Act. This was done to promote decentralization, planning and administration at lower levels. According to the act, there exists a three-tier administration system at district, taluk and village levels, namely Zilla, Taluk and Grama Panchayats respectively. The Tumkur Zilla Panchayat is an elected body that consists of 57 members, which governs different departments of Tumkur district such as planning, accounts, administration and so on. The Tumkur Zilla Panchayat is responsible for functions such as developing health centers including maternity wards, constructing underground water recharge structures to ensure sufficient drinking water is available to everyone, prevention of drilling of irrigation bore wells near drinking water wells and development of social forestry plans in each taluk.

The Zilla Panchayat has the following committees to help them function across the district:

1. General Standing Committee
This committee is responsible for matters relating to establishment and functions concerning communications, buildings, rural housing, natural calamities, village extensions and other various residuary matters.

2. Finance, Audit and Planning Committee

This committee is responsible for developing budgets, examining proposals relating to increase in revenue, analyzing expenditure statements and scrutinizing all proposals relating to financing and supervising the general revenue and expenditure of Tumkur Zilla panchayat.

3. Social Justice Committee
This committee ensures social justice throughout the district and ensures promotion of education, social, economic and cultural interest of women, scheduled castes and tribes and other backward classes.

4. Education and Health Committee
This committee is in charge of managing, surveying and evaluating of educational activities throughout the district. It is also responsible for planning educational activities according to the national policy of India.

5. Agriculture and Industrial Committee
This committee is involved in all the activities relating to agriculture and industries such as production of agriculture, animal husbandry, promotion of development of industries across the district.

Police Department of Tumkur

Tumkur City Police is a premier government body formed to enforce law and order in the Tumkur District. The Superintendent of Police heads the police department in the Tumkur District. Under him, he has one more superintendent, 5 deputy superintendents to manage the sub-divisions. 13 Civilian Police International are in charge of the circle and the Sub-Inspectors are in charge of police stations, all function under law and order, crime detention and so on. Tumkur District has 5 sub-divisions, 13 number of circles, 37 Police Stations and 14 Out Posts.

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